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Journey Forward with Joree Rose

Mar 29, 2021

I’m assuming that anyone listening, one time or another, swore that they would never do something, that they one day ended up doing. Well, I have too. Twice in fact. And in this week’s podcast episode I’m going to share my story of what I swore I would never do, twice, and how it came to be that that old narrative no longer applied. It’s an interesting moment in our lives when we have the opportunity to question our narratives, and get curious about whose voice it is that we are actually hearing (it’s likely someone from when you were younger; in my case, my mom’s). And when we can let go of that voice and outdated narrative, then we have the opportunity to truly live intentionally, based on who we are in the here and now, rather than who we thought we were supposed to be. And you know what that equals?? Freedom and authenticity!!!


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