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Journey Forward with Joree Rose

Nov 29, 2021

Fitness and lifestyle expert, Rachel Brooks, has a passion for living a life of purpose and alignment, and is creating a community - The Confident Woman Collective - for women to do the same. It’s her intention to equip and empower women to become their best, most confident self, by supporting them in what lights them up while learning to shed what’s holding them back. Author of the book, Chasing Perfection, Rachel vulnerably shares her own journey of what chasing perfection looked like for her and how she overcame that debilitating habit. She believes that self-awareness is the key to creating long-term change and that you must question everything - your thoughts, behaviors, actions and beliefs - to start living a more intentional, conscious and confident life. This conversation will be sure to inspire you to look within and to find the ways to push past the pain you may be holding onto and uncover your best self who is waiting to shine.


More about Rachel:

Rachel is a Fitness and Lifestyle Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author of Chasing Perfection, Host of The Confident Woman Podcast, and Founder + Creator of The Confident Woman Collective and I am Athletics. As a former bodybuilding bikini competitor and champion, Rachel has taken years of fears, failures, setbacks, and extreme loss and created simple, yet powerful, lessons that help women transform their lives to become their best and most confident selves. As part of her mission, she empowers women to get Fit From Within by challenging and inspiring them to let go of their limiting beliefs, redefine who they are, and step into who they’re created to be—The Confident Woman. 

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