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Journey Forward with Joree Rose

Mar 15, 2021

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It’s now been officially one year since Covid impacted all our lives; a year ago today was the first official day of remote learning and working from home. On that Monday morning, we all thought it was going to be a break for 2-3 weeks - I don’t think we could have comprehended that an entire year would go by in which we were limited in how we lived our lives. On this anniversary, I first want to honor, send compassion and big hugs to those who suffered illness and/or loss in the past year. And I also want to acknowledge that this year has been a great big pause, in which I believe, the Universe called upon to be more mindful and intentional in how we live our lives. While it’s really easy to dwell in the pain and discomforts of the past year, in this episode, I invite you to look back and consider what gifts you received? What did you learn about yourself, your strengths, values, needs, ways in which you live your life that perhaps you’ve been too busy or on autopilot to notice and pay attention to? Additionally, as vaccines roll out and schools are heading back, I also share some tools for re-entry and how to move forward in your life more consciously and intentionally.