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Journey Forward with Joree Rose

Mar 1, 2021

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Language holds a lot of power, and especially as a therapist, I’m nitpicky on the words that we speak - both aloud to others, as well as the language we speak in our own minds. I know that while it’s not always easy, effective communication is possible, and in this episode I’m going to guide you through the tools you can cultivate so you can feel seen, heard and validated, as well as do the same for others. I share both well-known, as well as my own, tangible frameworks that you can practice to make your communication more effective, productive and kind. To me, the crux of mindful communication is to truly speak your truth, unapologetically, and say what’s on your heart; often we go into communication to try and get the other person to change or do something, which can often leave us feeling unfulfilled in the exchange. When we are being mindful of our words, our intentions, our body language and our needs, our communication becomes much more clear, clean and concise. It’s a practice to learn how to stay present, be curious about the stories we are telling ourselves, as well as how to regulate our emotions and thoughts during conversations, and it’s possible.