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Journey Forward with Joree Rose

Jun 8, 2020

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This week’s podcast episode is with Jed Diamond, who was one of our guests on the Surviving to Thriving Summit.


Any man, or someone who is in a relationship with a man, will definitely not want to miss this interview.


Over 50 years ago, Jed began his professional career with the promise to his newborn son that he’d be a better father than what his father was. As a therapist, author of 16 books (so far!) and founder of MenAlive, Jed has delved into the field of masculinity. He is dedicated to teaching men how to heal men from their detachment of their emotional experiences to allow them to be more involved in their own lives, as well as more connected to their loved ones. Some of Jed’s well known book titles include: Male Menopause, The Irritable Male Syndrome, The Enlightened Marriage, and his newest one, 12 Rules for Good Men.


In this interview, Jed guides us through the 4 questions:

  1. Am I living a fully authentic life? 
  2. Am I loving deeply and well? 
  3. Am I engaging the social issues of my time? 
  4. Am I making a positive difference in the world?


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