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Journey Forward with Joree Rose

Dec 13, 2021

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The holiday season isn’t necessarily joyful, festive, pleasant or sometimes even enjoyable for many people. Whether it is being stuck in obligations or expectations, experiencing a retriggering of old traumas, feeling uncomfortable family dynamics, or simply the overwhelm of being in excess (spending too much money or indulging in too much food and/or drink) the holidays bring with it a myriad of emotions. In this episode, I guide you through tools of emotional self-regulation, how to manage expectations, set boundaries and practice self-compassion. I also give you permission to disappoint someone, because you are never going to be able to please everyone, and in attempting to do so, you abandon your own self, resulting in unhealthy patterns of codependency. The key to making the holidays more peaceful and enjoyable is to practice awareness of your needs, your emotions and your values, so you can show up authentically and intentionally, even if it’s a departure from previous ways of celebrating the holidays. And remember: self-care is never selfish, and during the busyness of the season, it’s more important than ever.